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Van Sales
Van Sales

Drivers can optimize their routes, increase their productivity, collect cash and process card payments, issue credits, check and add customer notes, and utilize the notes to up-sell and cross-sell products.

Asset Management
Asset Management

Enabling clients to process orders means they are able to re-stock and check the product catalog in real time.

Pre Sales Delivery
Pre Sales Delivery

Wholesale deliveries are now easier than ever. Real-time inventory management helps prevent running out of stock.

Warehouse Management
Warehouse Management

Analyse team activities and derive best practices for your Modern Retail outlets

Get control over your business with Spread

Spread Sale Apps is built with the fundamental objective of becoming a “sales growth platform” in the FMCG industry. With FMCG growing at over 25% CAGR by 2020 in UAE, the need for right management tools to maximize from such a growth opportunity becomes critical and Spread Sales Apps is here to solve that.

Optimize your distribution business with Spread

You don't have the time to organize your inventory and salespeople? Your warehouse is disorganized? You can't track your inventory and deliver to customers on time? With Spread, you'll get real-time inventory updates, live insights on sales, and the ability to see all of your orders in one place.

  • Forecast your sales and optimize your routes with Spread.
  • Make every customer interaction count.
  • Take control of your inventory and profit.


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Cloud Based

No more servers. All you need is an internet connection. We host all our software in the cloud, so you don't have to worry about servers or data backups. Everything is stored online for access from anywhere in the world.


Spread powers distribution companies with features that help them track their representatives and ensure they're doing their job as effectively as possible. With tools like geofencing and deviation tracking, management can keep an eye sales reps in real-time.

Claims and Escalations

With Spread you can keep track of your inventory with real-time information about returned products. The system asks your drivers to input each return into a separate "returned" stock, automatically updated in your reports.

One App - All Tools

We have designed our app to be the hub of your business. Everything from tracking your distributors to managing your inventory to sending invoices, it's all in our mobile app. Turn on your Wi-Fi or mobile data, and you're ready to go.

Sales and Marketing

You can identify those clients who buy from you the most, creating better customer relationships and more opportunities for sales. You can decide on flat discounts, percentages, and loyalty points for your most prolific customers.


Built-in reporting tools allow you to review your inventory levels and adjust orders based on sales trends. Advanced KPIs that let you evaluate your products and brand as a whole, as well as competitor analysis that gives you an edge in your market.


Spread is not only able to create invoices - it can provide high-end expense and payments management. The app allows clients to pay with cash, card, and bank transfer. Spreadallows complete flexibility in terms of payment date (for card payments).


Retailers can browse your inventory and buy products in a single touch. The client can easily make a reorder request through the app's automated system. The app alerts you if a particular item is running low — helping you avoid running out of stock.

Route Management

Spread uses AI-optimized route management. The app can track sales representatives and provide accurate information about ETAs. Via the real-time update, it allows proof-of-delivery between the delivery driver, the client, and your organization.

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